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About Us

VidCom is the top video commerce agency and a leading video production company in India, dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes tell their stories through captivating visual and impactful content - with the help of relevant opinion leaders. By choosing us, you get experts of directors, videographers, editors, scriptwriters, producers etc., who bring experience and expertise to your side.

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We have access to the latest filming and editing tools and technology to create high-quality professional short videos for video commerce. We help our clients achieve their goals with short videos that are creative and engaging. From videos for product promotion/demonstration to telling your brand, we have something for your every need. Our professionals focus on storytelling, strategic planning, data-driven content creation, campaign management and execution to bring your vision to life and help your business grow in a meaningful way.

What do We do?

Select Niche

We have A vast network of niche content creators, and we pick the ones that are right for the campaign after careful analysis. We look for Influencers who match our client's target audiences' age, gender, location and interests. We also consider Influencers' past brand collaborations, alignment with your business objectives, type of content and ability to reach and influence your customers. See More

Design effective video commerce campaigns

We hold rounds of interviews to understand our client's goals. Depending on the information gathered, we create a concept, Develop a storyboard and present a content strategy to target your customers on the right platform and build your brand image. See More

Complete video commerce content production

We have 10K + video production studios and an experienced staff to handle every aspect of video creation.
We take care of the casting, location counting, crew management and activity scheduling during the pre-production stage. Shoot the video with professional equipment and techniques during the production stage. And finally, handle footage edits, sound corrections, music addition, etc., at the post-production stage to deliver a high-quality final product.
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What Do We Offer?

Social Media Organic Videos

Organic Social Media Videos

We produce organic short videos for your business using relevant influencers. These can include behind the scene, tutorials, educational content, customer testimonials etc. We capitalize on the latest trends to produce social media videos that engage and build relationships with your target audience. Thus, helping our clients build brand reputation and reach broader markets.

Video Ads

Short video ads

We create quick, attention-grabbing, memorable short video Ads that impact all video commerce platforms. Our creatives are well-produced, clear and optimized for specific online channels and audiences. We use Influencers to deliver your marketing message in an exciting visual format to promote your products and services.

Ecommerce Product Videos

Product videos

We offer product videos for our client's every objective and design your promotional creatives to showcase your product's best features and benefits. We use influencers to inform and persuade your customers to buy. Furthermore, our product videos are also suitable for social media and E-commerce landing pages.

Why Choose Us?

Industry leaders

We have the best content strategists, project managers, videographers and storytellers working under the expert guidance of IIT and IIM alums. See More


Become with 6 + years of experience executive successfully influence the marketing video campaigns. Throughout the years, our team has grown in knowledge and strength. We bring innovations and ideas and utilize the best tactics to scale our client's businesses. See More


We have earned the trust and respect of 1000 + of brands from across the globe.

Personal Attention

We dedicate our time, energy and resources to each client equally. You will have our undivided attention throughout your campaign. See More

Data-Driven Approach

We have access to the latest monitoring, tracking and measuring tools and technologies to extract vital metrics to scale our client's campaigns. We leverage the newest trend with user-generated content to target the right people at the right time and place and with the right message. See More

Mission and Vision

Mission: to provide high-quality creative and innovative video commerce and production services to clients and help them tell their stories, promote their brands, and reach and interact with their audience in an exciting and impactful way.

Vision: to be recognized worldwide as a top video commerce and production company that consistently delivers creative, innovative and impactful short video services to our clients. Our goal is to exceed our client's expectations and empower them to communicate their message in engaging and thought-provoking ways. Furthermore, inspire change and growth through videos.

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