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Our services

We create content after we receive a green light from a client's end for the script. In case of dissatisfaction with a product, you are still required to pay the stipulated amount for the resources (influencer fees, studios, software, shooting equipment etc.) invested in the project.

Our clients are liable for one-time video revisions from our end (conditions apply for premium plans). However, there will be no reshoots.

Videoscommerce.com will not entertain any last-minute requests for new videos. We request 15 days prior notification from our clients for their new short video requirements.

We are a company that assures high-quality videos to improve your brand reputation. Our creatives also help boost your social commerce efforts. However, we do not guarantee 100% results at times.

As a highly ethical organisation that works for natural and organic engagement, we do not endorse fake followers, likes, comments and shares.

Our pricing will vary depending on our resources vested and the Influencers working on your campaign.